Funeral Options August 27, 2022

Some people are certain of what they would like when the times comes, yet for others it’s something the family has to consider at the time. We will never pressure you into opting for one over another.

We offer simple transparent packages, with a whole range of add-ons, so you can make an informed decision every step of the way and don’t have any unexpected costs after the funeral. We don’t just show you what is available for the funeral itself either, we give you options for after whether it’s a gravestone, urn or personlised jewellery. 

Our Packages

We offer a full range of funeral services and additional options to help you celebrate your loved ones life. 

All funeral directors are legally required by law to publish their standardised price list for a standard set of products and services. This is to help you think through your options and make choices. It also helps you compare different funeral directors, as prices can vary.

As standard, all of our packages include:

closeup shot of a colorful casket in a hearse or chapel before f
Direct Cremation
For those who do not wish to hold a funeral service. 

*Direct Cremation, no service

Includes all our Professional fees.  

Bringing your loved one into our care.  

Standard Coffin.  

Dressing in own clothes or gown.  

Doctors fee.  

Visit your loved one in our chapel of rest.  

Transport in a Hearse.  

Local Cremation fee (Amber Valley, Swanwick)  

Return of ashes to our office. 

closeup shot of a colorful casket in a hearse or chapel before f
Personal Cremation
An attended funeral with the provision of a hearse only
Includes all our Professional fees. 
Bringing your loved one into our care. 
Standard Coffin.
Dressing in own clothes or gown. 
Doctors fee. 
Visit your loved one in our chapel of rest. 
Transport in a Hearse. 
Return of ashes to our office. 
Local Cremation fee - Amber Valley, Swanwick. 
20 minutes in Chapel - 9:30/10:00 am only. 
Max of 25 attendees. 
Celebrant to conduct 20 minute service. 
Loved one in Chapel prior to service. 
Choice of Music - Entry & Exit only. 
Projected image of your loved one. 
closeup shot of a colorful casket in a hearse or chapel before f
Full Service Package
An attended funeral with the provision of a hearse only
Collection of your loved one into our Care, Home/Hospital within 20 miles. 
Taking care of all Legal and Administrative arrangements.  
Provision of Standard Coffin. fully Fitted and Lined. 
Care and Preparation, including dressing in Own clothes or Gown. 
Use of our Private Chapel of Rest, to spend time with your loved one (in office hours). 
Funeral Director and 4 Bearers for Funeral Service. 
Hearse for conveyance Direct to Crematorium/Church from our office. (home address if limousine/s are following) 
* Limousines (seating 6) collection + return = £200. Each limousine. 

All packages are excluding disbursement fees (with direct cremation the exception). Deposit of these fees is payable within 48 hours of the arrangement

Additonal Options

  • Limousines - Seating 6, Collection and Return | £200 each
  • Visiting Chapel of Rest (Outside Office Hours) | £50
  • Order Of Service, Any Theme & Colour – 4 page booklet | £2 Per Copy
  • Embalming of Deceased (Hygienic treatment) | £125
  • Additional Transfers of the Deceased to/from Our Premises | £150 per transfer
  • Hearse Provided for Flowers | £150
  • Additional Bearers/Staff (to maintain safe working practices on the day of the funeral) | £40 per person
  • Saturday Funeral | Additional £295
  • Sunday/Bank Holiday Funeral | Additional £395
  • Additional Time on Funeral Day | £45 / per 30min, per vehicle
  • Additional Mileage (Over a 20 mile radius) | £1 per mile
  • Retention of Deceased for More Than 21 Days or On Behalf of Another Funeral Directors | £10 per day
  • Attendance at Interment/Scattering (Of Ashes) | £60
  • Attendance at Memorial Service (On Separate Occasion) | £60
  • Holding Cremated Remains (After First 6 Months) | £35 per month
  • Evening Reception Into Church | £POA
  • Sunday Reception Into Church | £POA
  • Temporary Wooden Grave Marker | Burial £60, Ashes £45
  • Provision of an Oversized Coffin/Casket (if required) | Additional £100

These prices do not include disbursement fees on your behalf. For example: Doctors fees, crematorium, church, officiant, flowers and newspaper notices. We require a deposit to be paid, which is the total amount of the third party fees (disbursement) following the funeral arrangement. 

We kindly request that this payment is made within 48 hours to allow arrangements to proceed. The final account is due within 7 working days after the funeral service has taken place. Should the final account remain unpaid after this time, a late fee will be added to the balance. We may place the outstanding debt with a collection agency or solicitor to recover.